Do Some Good: Spend A Day With Doggos & Kittens At This Animal Shelter In Goa

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Located in the picturesque village of Siolim with a beautiful old house in the background with cows, dogs, cats and turkeys running around is Welfare of Animals in Goa or WAG Goa as they are popularly known.

What Is It?

This place is helmed by Atul Sarin, a barrister from London who on a holiday saw the plight of animals here and decided to move lock, stock and multiple animals to Goa. He and his team work tirelessly to rescue, love and rehabilitate as many animals as possible.

A monkey, some turkeys, multiple cows, dogs and cats are just some of the animals that one will find rescued here running around or lounging around. WAG also runs a clinic under the capable hands of Dr U {Dr Upendra Kumar} as he is popularly called by the team, and they provide free sterilisations and other medical care for strays. They also run a cow shelter, wherein they use the cow dung to make Mosquito repellent Dhoop cakes or the urine to make organic floor cleaners, handwash soaps etc as well as environmentally friendly shopping bags in an endeavor to become self sufficient.

So go ahead and volunteer here, to get some cuddles and kisses, not to mention occasionally feed milk by bottle to a rescued calf who will follow you around post that. Or during the monsoons, help them out with the beach feeding they do for all the stray dogs that dont get fed due to all the shacks being closed. Or just volunteer to play with the animals, take them out for a walk and just give them some cuddles. You could also just visit the shelter to see the kind of work they do, or volunteer there for weeks or months.


Go to their Amazon Wishlist to help them get even more supplies for all the good work they do.


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