We Had Breakfast In Bed, Shopped & Loved The Views At Lamuella

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A boho chic boutique-meets-cafe, Lamuella is on its way to becoming our favourite hangout spot in Mandrem. Good coffee, beachy sundresses and poached eggs with sweeping views of the fields, make this one a total winner.

What Makes It Awesome

The way the space is done up makes it a charming spot to chill. It wears a gypsy vibe and is set in what looks like an erstwhile ignored backyard. Of course, over the years, the cafe’s collective efforts have transformed it into one of the nicest places in the area (away from the popular touristy cafes).

The mismatched tables (about 5–6 of them) are scattered all over but we love the ones that overlook the fields. They even have a tiny bed with a table so you can literally put up your feet and sip that fresh OJ for hours.

The menu has brekkie, sandwiches, smoothie bowls, pancakes, tea, coffee and some vegan options as well. We loved the cold coffee, Americano, fresh juice and eggs Shakshuka (this comes with shredded salad and poached eggs dunked in a tomato gravy). With the menu and its decor, we really think it’s a more morning place than evening.

Now that we’re done obsessing about the fresh, non-shack-like food, let’s talk about the store that greets you before the coffee. So, swimsuits, scarves, bags, blouses, jumpsuits, skirts and lots of pastel-coloured dresses hang on the multiple racks and while they had a sale on on bags and scarves, the clothes were priced between 1k-5k, mostly. The chief designer and cafe owner travels through India and handpicks her collection every year. Just a week back, we found ourselves walking out of the store with a powder blue maxi dress which was INR 1.8k after discount.

What Could Be Better

We wish the wi fi behaved better so we could get some work done. Oh, also, they had power cuts so the cold coffee couldn’t get ice and they were out of bacon. These are all but initial, setting-up-for-the-season troubles (or so we hope).

And yes, don’t walk in expecting an affordable meal or shopping — between two kinds of eggs, two coffees and a juice, our bill was around INR 800.


They keep announcing sales and showcasing new collections on their Instagram handle, in case you want to know what they’re up to.

Also, they shut for the monsoons. 


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