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Too Broke For A Fancy Bar? Buy Your Own Booze At MRP & Head To These 8 Ahaatas Instead

    If places were people, Delhi would be Gurgaon’s stern and urbane older brother. Gurgaon would be the free-wheeling, late-night drinking, sneak-into-the-house younger cousin with it’s BYOB locations, easy booze delivery, and the ability to buy alcohol after 10pm {shocking!}.

    So, to celebrate Gurgaon {and to cope with end-of-the-month moolah woes}, here is a list of some of the city’s most comfortable ahaatas, where you can grab a much deserved beer and some snacks after work.

    PS: While we all enjoy a drink with a friend, we recommend playing it safe and heading to ahaatas in groups.

    Area 69


    Ardee City, Gurgaon

    Check in to Area 69 for some pan-fried dumplings and cheesy pastas, all washed down with cheap {read: the best kind of} liquor. Highly rated and recommended, this ahaata wins some major popularity points. The red brick walls give the whole place a warm, comfy feel, and a long day at work won’t seem too bad after a few drinks at this one.

    The Friends Republic

    The Friends Republic

    Golf Course Road, Gurgaon

    Grammar geeks that we are, we give this place full points for their appropriate apostrophe. Located at the main junction of our beloved Pahaadi Road, the simple entrance doesn’t betray the spacious lawns dotted with tables. With just about everything available on their menu, we’re most intrigued by Massaman Lamb Curry, Pink Penne and Coriander Vegetables Dim Sum.


    Winning for its outdoor seating, an easy-going vibe and a bill that won’t pinch, Outback is probably one of Gurugram’s best-loved ahaatas. While the menu may not be the most impressive, play it safe with some staple bar food {chili chicken!} that will quell the munchies and keep you going as you catch up over a drink or two!

    Wangchuk's Ladakhi Kitchen

    Serving up authentic Tibetan cuisine, Wangchuk’s Ladakhi Kitchen is an all-time favourite. Put your tired feet up and pop open a theka-bought beer as you have your fill of momos {we’ve heard only good things about the kothe ones}, thukpa or shabaley {a super-sized variant of the traditional momo}.



    Sector 29, Gurgaon

    Nothing shady about this ahaata, the outdoor seating is absolutely gorgeous at Outputt by Machan. Having recently opened in Sector 29, Outputt is great when you want to switch things up or when your bank balance is running low but you’re still in the mood for drinks. The fare is standard North Indian food and the Tandoori Chicken is a winner!

    Knight Rider Junction

    A gorgeous rooftop, quick service and a nice, long drive to get there, Knight Rider Junction is perfect for weekend plans. Situated on the Gurgaon-Faridabad road, head here on a Saturday evening with your squad for a pocket-friendly evening of theka-bought booze, lots of laughs and starters to keep you going.

    The Friends Republic Villa

    Don’t be fooled by The Friends Republic Villa’s bright, cheery interiors – this new-in-town joint might look like a fancy restaurant but it’s an ahaata through and through. If the weather permits it, sit outside in the courtyard and pop open your theka-bought beer. Order a round of starters – we like the Fried Chicken and Honey Chilli Potato – and settle down for an easy-on-the-pocket but super fun evening. 

    Terminal 1

    Complete with a rooftop seating area that mimics the deck of a ship, a few boats and lifesavers, Terminal 1 has been making waves since it ‘docked’ in Gurgaon. We also love this ahaata for its less-conventional menu options – think Amritsary Fish Fry and Tandoori momos.