New In Town Alert! This Cafe Will Transport You To The Mountains

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What Makes It Awesome

As someone who makes regular trips to the mountains, I've been missing authentic mountain food during the pandemic. But not anymore. 7 Sisters — a new restaurant that just opened in Banjara Hills is serving up North Eastern, Nepalese, Korean, and Indo-Asian delicacies that I cannot get enough of. From momos that melt in your mouth the moment you pop them in to Bamboo Shoot Fried Rice with umami flavours — 7 Sisters will set you up for a glorious treat. And one, that doesn't even burn a hole in your pocket. 

Allow me to tell you where to begin: Jhol momos and Schezwan Fried Momos. Steamed momos are dunked in gravy and served with peanut chutney and chili chutney — you're sure to cram them down with seconds. Schezwan Fried Momos is a burst of flavours and quite tangy. I think you'll perfectly relish these with a bowl of thukpa. 7 Sisters' range of fried rice and noodles made me overeat. And why not? When you can tuck into street-style chowmein, schezwan fried rice, and Basil Thang Noodles. Let the spiciness settle on your taste buds as you move on to something more authentic like Sel Roti with Aloo Dum. Sel Roti might remind you of a donut but it's a traditional Nepalese rice bread. You can eat it plain or pair it with Aloo Dum. Either way, it's a wicked affair. 

Get a whiff of some more authentic delicacies like Gorkhali Thali (expect dal, lots of leafy veggies, rice, Aloo Dum, etc.), Taipo (a giant-sized momo), Shapaley (a Tibetan delicacy where a momo is stuffed with meat/veggies and deep-fried), Choila, Sinju, Sekuwa, and Wai Wai Sadeko (so yum!). So, the next time it's raining in Hyderabad and you're craving some tangy comfort food that transports you to the mountains, reach out to 7 Sisters. 


7 Sisters is also selling Dalle Ki Chutney — a traditional pickle made from dalle  (mirchi found in the North-Eastern states). It's truly not for the faint-hearted but if you love yourself something spicy, get this. It goes quite well with rice, soupy noodles, and even momos. 


Former Editor, LBB, Hyderabad.