8 Things To Do Before 8 AM: The Ultimate Morning Routine Of Super Successful People

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Psst, here's a secret that successful people follow, the way you start your morning shapes your entire day. From eating the right food to making the bed, those small tasks have a big impact on our mood. So, if you're on your way to becoming a morning person, here are eight things you must do before eight to have a productive day. 

Set The Alarm For Earlier

This might sound like cheating but listen up. Try to get up a little earlier than your schedule. If it's 8 you're aiming for, set your alarm for 7.45 am. Those extra minutes can do wonders by helping you get more work done. Studies say that when you wake up earlier than your alarm, you give your mind enough time to gear up for the day. 

Play Your Day In The Mind

You must have heard this a gazillion times — plan your day, but it's true. A brief reflection on how your day is going to be as soon as you get out of the bed is a great way to go forward. Think about what you have achieved in the previous day and plan accordingly. 

Get Enough Protein

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A nutrient pack delicious meal makes for a positive start but don't take lack of time as an excuse. Try to squeeze in as much protein in your diet as you can and gulp lots of liquids because hydration is everything. 

Start Your Day With An Easy Task

Achievement is instant gratification. Starting your day with the simplest task like folding the comforter and placing pillows in order can change your mindset to take on the day. 

Make A List

List all the tasks you have to do that day. Even the smallest and the silliest ones like watering the plants and brushing. After each task done, tick it off. Even if you have a ton of work, completing small tasks and ticking them off will give you a sense of completion and won't make you feel overwhelmed. Try it out yourself. 

Detox From Social Media

Our phones have become organs and it seems impossible to detach from the addiction of scrolling. Every phone in the market is coming up with different versions of zen modes because it's important and people have started to realize it. At least for an hour (or more), throw your phone in another room and do something that you've been slacking off like reading a book, sketching, or just lie down and stare at nothing. As weird as that sounds, it will actually invoke a lot of thoughts. 

Enjoy A Comfort

What's your comfort? It can be coffee, a nice sandwich, or dipping your feet in cold water. Make that as a task, write it down in your list, and make sure you do it. In this rat race, we often forget about comfort and relaxation which does no good to us. 

Nap, Don't Sleep.

Finished with work calls and meetings? Before you move onto other tasks like household chores, nap. Go to your bedroom and nap for 20 odd minutes and re-channelise your brain. Reward it for a good day's work and move on with other tasks. 


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