Order These Amazing Fusion Bowls From This Delivery Kitchen Now!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Well as it was sunny summer going on and I was not willing to go out but was craving for some Mughlai food. Then I found this The Good Bowl online. They do have a few outlets as well. I heard they server amazing biriyani so I chose The Good Bowl for my lunch.

Packing was super good. Nothing got spilled out of the box. And I like the way they have sent tissue and fork for me in a separate cover. I have my food with veg plaster on the box, this was a little impressive thing. Moreover, the food was hot 😊.

The food I ordered was Paneer Steak Mac & Cheese. Mughlai grilled paneer steak rice bowl.
* Paneer Steak Mac & Cheese: This was my first time to have, Mac and cheese with paneer steak. I would recommend this item. The Macaroni was perfectly boiled and I feel like cheese needs to more added inn. Ingredients added were corn, jalapeno, paneer, bell pepper, coriander leaves for garnish.
* Mughlai paneer rice bowl: Frankly speaking, when I opened the box to capture a picture, I felt the aroma of Mughlai. I have no regrets for saying yes to this Mughlai from The Good Bowl. The masala was stuffed in the middle of the box. Rice bowl contains onions, bell pepper, corn, paneer steak, jalapeno, olives. And yes they did not forget to garnish the food.

How Much Did It Cost?

β‚Ή500 - β‚Ή1,000