A Chilled Out Place In Begumpet!

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What Makes It Awesome?

After a long gap, a new restaurant opened in the Begumpet area & I thought of giving it a try and so I was here at hay to try their food.

This place used to be 'hibbeh' previously, they renovated it recently and got developed in its own way. The owner is from Mumbai who has a keen knowledge of setting up the menu. The menu was so creative & knowledgeable as well. The place is filled with bright colours and decors made with iron. It has a big bar counter in the middle of the place which was the centre of attraction. They have got everything on their bar menu, Starting from DIY cocktails to liquor.

As I am not an alcoholic person, I directly jumped on to the food section & started having some snacks like CHEESLING jhalmuri which is nothing but a mixture with tiny bits of cheese in it which tasted decent and goes well with the alcohol. Also,podi peanuts were super tasty.

They have got a lot of starters on their menu, I was so confused about what to order but the owner himself came to us and suggested their best ones. We started off with butter chicken kulcha bombs, to be honest, they were the bomb! Our start was super crazy with this one. This is something creative. Butter chicken stuffed between mini-kulchas. It was packed full of flavour and I ordered two portions of it😂. Cheesy kurkure Maggi missiles were average, as there wasn't enough spice in it & they didn't get fried well. NILGIRI fish Tikka was so soft, that the pieces came out so easily & the masala used for the coating took this dish to the next level.

I've had a lot of expectations for kurkure crusted chicken burger. But, it disappointed me a lot. The chicken in it was not coated with chicken properly. It tasted like the regular ones. The buns were a bit hard and I expected chicken patty to be a bit juicy inside. But, it was way too dry. Tibetian chicken momos were my favourite here they named it as Tibetian chicken Momo's, but they aren't really Tibetian ones, they are the normal/regular ones. But, I absolutely loved the stuffing and the outer shell as well. Spicy tempura prawns, what should I tell about it🤤🤤You have to try it to experience it. That was outstanding and star of the night. Paneer kurchan roll was very decent, the quantity given was so good which is the only character I liked about this one. Peri Peri chicken was really good, but they shouldn't have added sweet tomato sauce on the pizza, this sauce is the only thing which spoiled this dish a bit. Mutton curry with white rice was so comforting. Though I was full after having a ton of starters, I somehow managed to complete this one. I've heard they also have Malabar biryani on the menu which I forgot to order. But, after hearing reviews about this dish from my friends who visited later, their verdict was that this dish was a "Must try".

Meanwhile, desserts were fairly average. I expected a lot after seeing their menu but, they were average😣. The whole presentation was good for every dessert, but the taste lacked. The chocolate envelope didn't even have the flavour of chocolate in it & it was paired with jam which I wasn't fond of.

Misti doi cheesecake was good till the cheese & cream part but the bottom layer which was the biscuit layer was so thick. It is not supposed to be that thick, it is rather supposed to be thinner. But, jalebi fries and oreo Nutella rolls saved my day. I ended my day on a good note with these two items. Jalebi fries were a bit hard, but I loved the concept completely & the dip given with it was rabdi. It was heaven! And, the Oreo Nutella rolls were full of chocolate and I like my desserts that way😉.

The service was on point, there are no complaints about it. We have ordered lots of items, but they brought everything without hesitating or without complaining that the item is not available. The hospitality sector is the one which grows your food business.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

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