Indulge In This Oh So Delicious Mandi At Musheerabad!

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One more Mandi to finish my Week. This is the most rice I've eaten this entire Week, Back to back Biryanis and Mandis. Some great ones, Some decent ones. On Friday I visited, Al Saud Bait Al Mandi, They have more than 4 outlets in the city. I visited the Musheerabad outlet and yes the Experience was good.

This is not the regular chicken what we eat, This Is Faham! Al Faham Chicken is very popular Arabian grilled chicken marinated in Arabian spices and cooked on Charcoal grill. Its mild Spiced, Juicy and slightly Burned to get a crunchy and roast flavour. It tasted Absolutely good along with Mandi, rice was well Flavoured, Topped with fried onions and Raisins. Had good aroma of ghee in rice, Fish was tender and Soft. A delicious mandi by Al Saud


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