A Wholesome Goodness Of Biryani Delivered At Your Doorstep By This Cloud Kitchen

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What Makes It Awesome?

Meghduth, a new cloud kitchen, serving biryani is a definite option for your meals. This new cloud kitchen has varieties of biryani, from basic chicken dum to Bilal Mutton biryani. For vegetarians, I would suggest the dondaki pulao. It was very flavourful and tasty.

My favourite picks from here are Raju Gari kodi Pulao and Bilal Mutton biryani.
Firstly, at times like these, this cloud kitchen is making sure the packaging is safe and spillage proof.

They do quite organised packaging, coming with a box of Biryani, one Salan, one Raita, one Meetha paan, Onions, and tissue papers. Everything is packed in a Big box sealed perfectly.

They even follow the quality measures in the kitchen, so you know that your food is being cooked in a hygienic kitchen. The Biryani from here is perfect for my taste. I would say neither damn spicy nor mild. It's just perfect.

The mutton or chicken used tastes fresh and the rice is aromatic enough.
The gesture of giving a paan with the meal is very nice. Appreciable in fact!!
So my full vouching for Meghduth is here in the review. Go ahead and order you wouldn't be disappointed.

Happy Eating

What Could Be Better?

I don't think anything at all needs to change.

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500

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