This Parkour Academy Will Transform You Into An Action Hero

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What Makes It Awesome

Think working out is boring? Abhinav Parkour Academy will change that thought for you. Get running and rolling, vaulting and climbing at this super fun academy. Sure Spiderman is cool, but you can be cooler and your own real-life hero if you practice Parkour with the right tenacity. A Parkour expert, Abhinav started training in 2009 and actively practiced on the roads and parks. Realising how Hyderabad had no Parkour gym or cognition of this fitness form, he ventured into opening a gym which helps us develop a basic fitness regime. Taking us to a point where we can fly (yup, even without a pair of wings), Abhinav and his pro team treat Parkour as a lifestyle. Rather than just a form of fitness. 

Parkour involves a lot of freestyle movements and outdoor practice, and this academy is well-equipped for it. Apart from Parkour, they also have weights, functions, and cross-training, ensuring a wholesome experience. As of now, they have dedicated batches like the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels and the circuits in every batch are designed in such a format that every individual can explore them.

The academy pays attention to every member because they believe in the importance of safety and discipline. So, if you're bored of your regular gym, go ditch it and take up Parkour. And it shall bestow upon you agility, mental strength, and more physical strength. Sounds rewarding, eh?


The monthly membership is priced between INR 3,000-INR 5,000 but if you opt for a quarterly or half-yearly membership, the prices are lower. 


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