Spot Lions & Tigers In The Comfort Of Newly Launched AC Vans At The Zoo

Shreya posted on 16 November

Love spotting wild animals in their natural habitat? You sure must have been on the safari at Nehru Zoological Park, and found it rather inconvenient (more so when the weather's hot!). The safari buses were pretty outdated and unclean, but we hear that they got an upgrade. Chief Secretary S.K. Joshi has launched brand new air conditioned vans to make our wildlife sighting more convenient. No more sweaty palms and rusted seats (yaaas!). There has also been an increase in the number of battery operated 10-seater and 14-seater vehicles at the zoo, a new counter where the kiddies can book the toy train ride. So, if you've got a tiny tot, you can take them on the safari without worrying about their comfort or yours! 

This news was first reported on The Hindu. You can find the complete story here.