Have You Watched A Movie At This Superplex In Kondapur?

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What Makes It Awesome

Recliners, chandeliers, and killer food in a movie theatre sound like a plan to you? Go watch a movie AMB Cinemas (Asian Group and Mahesh Babu's joint venture) in Sarath City Capital Mall. This superplex is making movie watching super convenient with features like valet parking, lounge, on-seat service at the press of a button, it can accommodate 1,638 members. In fact, one of the screens only has recliners, and if you love your recliner seats dearly, you've got to make this a constant movie theatre to catch up on flicks.

Unlike other multiplexes, this one has unique and more food options (Yaaaas!) — for instance, chaat, cheesy burgers, hot dogs, cheesecakes at prices that don't even pinch your pocket. The entire theatre and lobby are designed with stunning chandeliers and it also showcases a popular outfit from Mahesh Babu's Bharat Ane Nenu. Plus, you can check out a few awards and framed pictures of Mahesh at the venue. While this can make any Mahesh Babu's fan go bonkers, the screens itself are done with the latest technology and have an amazing sound system for a movie lover to go ga-ga about.

We're definitely watching a movie this weekend. What about you?


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