With Kids Being Cooped Up At Home, These Arts & Crafts Activities Will Keep Them Occupied

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Kids get restless. Moreover, when schools are closed to prevent the spread of coronavirus, it is difficult to keep them occupied. But don’t be anxious, we’re in this together. There are lots of things to do at home with kids that are fun and creative for the whole family. Like arts and crafts. So, here you go with all the ideas. Take a look.

Paper Pinwheel

Colourful paper pinwheels with just the slightest breeze are a timeless craft and a great craft activity for kids, and even for adults. Just, gather the materials for it. Cut your paper into a six by six-inch squares. Then, using markers, decorate it with your kid’s choice of design. If you decide to make a big pinwheel, be sure your dowel is longer. And that’s it, the sky is the limit then!

DIY 3D Glasses

3D is all the rage these days, so let the kids get in on the craze by letting them create their own 3D glasses. The usual way to make one is to tape red and blue cellophane to frames. There are many tutorials on how to make one, so browse an easy one and get the kids get in the process of making it.

Paper Plate Clock

Make a fun craft that will help your kids learn about time. And this paper plate clock is a great way to do that. In a digital age, this simple clock craft will familiarise the children with the parts of an analogue clock. This activity uses supplies you already have on hand and is an adorable addition in your kid’s bedroom.

Fingerprint Art

One of the best ways to paint is with your fingers! Make the kids do that. They can use fingerprints to make leaves, butterfly or anything with their imagination and a pinch of creativity; and you’ve got some frame-worthy art to make with your little ones. 

Origami Bookmark

Help your little reader create origami bookmarks! All you’ll need for this is a piece of origami paper (or any other square piece of paper, newspaper, among others). This corner bookmark is simple to make, requiring just a few folds.

Rolling Marbles Box

If you've got a child who loves watching marbles zoom by on slides and loves going a bit extra with craftwork, make this! It is a quick and easy DIY idea that can be made out of a cereal box. Yup, you heard it right! You just need a box, some marbles, tape, and scissors (to cut the run's slides). First, tape the lid of the box shut, and then use a scissor to cut off the front panel. Take three strips and stick it (a bit tilted) into the box with a hold to drop the marble through. Leave a ledge at the bottom to keep the marbles from rolling out.


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