Terrariums? Meet This Local Artist Who Is Making This Form Of Living Art

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What Makes It Awesome

If Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward was alive today, he would have been so happy to see his discovery, the terrarium, being discovered, and being popular among plant-lovers. Terrariums are an easy way to spruce up your home with greenery and with no added responsibilities, and it sure does make a great gift. Priyanka Reddy knows it and cannot agree more. She gave this mini garden a shot in 2018 during her maternity leave. What initially just begun for this software engineer as a hobby a few years ago, has blossomed into a brand Avni where she customises terrariums for people. Starting at INR 1,500 (depending on detailing), one can place an order via the given contact number. Timeframe? If you are lucky enough, it might be ready in a day or can take two to three weeks based on the availability of items.

So, if you are like us who are finding ways to be more green in your everyday life while also investing in the most beautiful, handcrafted form of living art or would like to gift some creative greenery, reach out to her.