Dried Rose Petals & Chocolate Moulds: Get Baking Supplies From Here

    Sanath Nagar, Hyderabad

    What Makes It Awesome

    Baker’s Supermart, concealed inside the lanes of Sanath Nagar, is a baker’s paradise. From baking ingredients to tools and accessories, this hidden gem of a store has everything at great prices. Stocked up with flavouring agents, sprinkles, sugar pearls (in different colours), cake mixes, mojito syrups, cake gels, organic food colours, fondant mixes, sugar paste, glazes, and other baking additives, several home bakers and chefs of the city swear by this store. If you're planning to whip up some desserts and cakes for Christmas at home, do check this store out to get your hands on some of the best baking products in Hyderabad. 

    Japanese food fanatics, you can find epic ingredients like miso (a kilo is priced at INR 400), soba noodles, and plenty of other varieties. So, if you have to whip something exotic, you know where to pick your stuff from. We also went bonkers about the different types of nuts, chocolate sauces, marshmallows, cocoa powder along with a wide range of pasta sauces, pasta, and bottles of olives, capers, etc. Plus, there are edible flowers, butterflies, cartoon characters (Chota Bheem and Doraemon too) that can act as perfect cupcake toppings. With everything at a wholesale price, buying even top-notch quality products don’t pinch your pocket.

    While the first floor is equipped with baking supplies, the second floor is dedicated to kitchen aids, baking tools, aprons, moulds, cutters, and everything a kitchen would need. Whether you are looking for cake toppers or donut and macaron moulds, there are tons of choices for you to pick from. We found plenty of pretty cupcake and muffin paper liners, nozzles and piping bags, chocolate boxes, etc. With the knife sets on the offer, we’re hoping to be the Gordon Ramsay of our kitchen. Plus, these are on a budget.

    What Could Be Better

    The staff is least helpful. 

      Sanath Nagar, Hyderabad