Enjoy Chicken Barbeque And Kebabs At This Food Outlet!

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Sunkissed Kebabs at Mohammedia Shawarma: While the word kebab or Shish kebab (previously known as) may sometimes be used in English as a culinary term that refers to any type of small chunks of meat cooked on a skewer,  kebab is mainly associated with a diversity of meat dishes that originated in the medieval kitchens of Persia, Turkey and Middle East Culture.

Although kebabs are typically cooked on a skewer over a fire, some kebab dishes are baked in a pan in an oven or prepared as a stew such as Tas Kebabs. Mohammedia Shawarma is not only known for their Shawarmas, But they also serve Juicy kebabs. They have a variety of kebabs and they taste amazing. Their highest selling Is Barbecue / Barbeque chicken, which is Smokey and succulent. Marinated for many hours it is slowly cooked on both the sides and then on high flame. They're incredible and spicy, served with Mayonnaise which is one of their bests!