Weekend Scenes? Spend Time With Your Friends At This Beautiful Cafe In Hitech City!

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What Makes It Awesome?

One of the friends was leaving India, and we decided to meet before she leaves. Iron Hill Cafe is located very near to my place and we decide to visit this place in the Evening. This place is located in Huda Techno Enclave Road, Hitech City. Cafe has got both indoor and outdoor seating with huge place outdoor and accommodating limited people for indoor.

This place is best to visit in the evening, to find it out beautiful.
* Potato wedges:- Firstly their quantity was very less. This was served with ketchup. The taste was yummy giving us crispy feel at the outer layer.
* Peri-peri French Fries:- Not a place for peri peri fries at least. There was no flavour of peri peri masala, and the quantity was less.
* Bombay Burger (Vada Pav):- This were served with 2 Vada Pav, with an onion salad with the accomplishment of mint chutney. This Vada Pav was very tasty, this is must try here.
* Crispy Corn:- Presentation of food was so good. Corn kernels were topped with coriander leaves and served with onion salad. Everything is good to expect their quantity.
* Cheese Overload Pizza:- I have always seen a pizza in a circle but never in rectangular form. Here pizza is served with a rectangular shape. The base was very thin, and the taste was with full of cheese. Right quantity of cheese was added.
* Iron Hill Delight:- Pizza was topped with bell pepper, olives, broccoli. The pizza was made into 9 slices. If your a cheese lover then this pizza is your option.
* Penne Alfredo:- Penne pasta was juicy and penne was perfectly boiled. The garlic bread was scrumptious. The pasta was creamy and juicy at the same time.

Quality:- 5
Quantity:- 3.5
Presentation:- 4
Value for money:- 4

What Could Be Better?

The quantity provided should be more.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000