Love Beer & Biryani? Get A Fit & Lit Body At This Popular Gym Without Dieting

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If you want working out to be fun and snazzy, check out Beeryani Fitness in Jubilee Hills. They have an interesting take on fitness and nutrition which allows you to eat what you like and get a lit bod at the same time. 

What Makes It Awesome

You don't have to give up beer or biryani to build an athletic body. Well, that's what this popular gym's philosophy is (eat in moderation). Staring in your face in Jubilee Hills near Peddamma Temple is Beeryani Fitness (we LOL'd too) which has a unique take on working it. Started by a whacky person who ate biryani and lost weight (that's what he says, LOL again), Nishanth Appari is the brain behind this equally whacky gym. If you aim to get that Rocky Balboa body, this gym is not for you. But if you want a fit and athletic body and want to work on your mental health too, then you're welcome here. What can you expect? Every form of functional training and a whole lotta fun.

In simple terms, functional training involves practical body movements and prepares your body for real-life actions and motions. A typical functional training routine consists of squats, push-ups, pull-ups, etc along with a mix of weights to pump up your muscles. Sounds doable? They have a one-day pass option where you can go solo or tag your friends along and participate in their work out session for a day to see if you like the drill.

And yes, though they don't serve beer or biryani after workouts (though we're sure they want to), do have biryani nights frequently with their community. If their fun workouts aren't a good enough reason for you, this might just do the trick, right?


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