Enjoy the Succulent Beef Kebabs At This Place!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Kebabs are my guilty Pressure.

Been very long since I've had some delicious kebabs. However, while the word "kebab" or "Shish Kebab" may sometimes be used in English as a culinary term that refers to any type of small chunks of meat cooked on a skewer, kebab is mainly associated with a diversity of meat dishes that originated in the medieval kitchens of Persia and Turkey. Though the word has ancient origins, it was popularized by Turks to refer to this range of grilled and broiled meat, which may be cooked on skewers, but also as stews, meatballs, and other forms. This cuisine has spread around the world, in parallel with Muslim influence. The meat can of any Variant Like Chicken, Mutton or beef.

I don't have the best looking picture here, But this was about last night. The Place Called Azam Hotel at MG road is one of the busiest restaurant in Secunderabad, Popular mainly for Beef and chicken dishes. Ever since I fell in love with the food on my visit 3 days ago, I decided to make another visit and try other dishes. Featuring here is Beef Sheek Kebabs, Spicy, Crunchy, Smokey and Spot on Flavourful. Hands down to the best Beef kebabs I've Had! Sprinkled with Chat powder, red chilli powder and garnished with Fried Onions (Haven't saw anywhere adding that, It was A Surprise) and coriander, Of course with a Mint chutney served which is not here. Highly recommended, Best Beef Kebab ever

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