Juicy & Cheesy! 7 Best Places To Order Burgers From

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Haters might say that burgers are nothing but vada pav's NRI cousins but the love for a cheesy burger is like no other. We're already picturing ourselves tucking into thick burgers with fries, ketchup, and a drink. Now you're craving too, right?

Let's order in then — here's a round-up of the best burger places in Hyderabad. Dig your teeth into one of these and get psyched! 

Biggies Burgers 'N' More

The saucy grilled burgers from Biggies Burgers 'N' More will set your palate on fire. Every bit sloppy, cheesy, and with a burst of myriad flavours — Biggie's Peri Peri Chicken Burger and Afghani Tandoori Lamb Burger can appease any meat lover. Skip eating healthy for once and tuck into their Original Chicken Burger which comes with two patties. You'll walk straight into a food coma when you're done. Vegetarians, go for Schezwan Burger and Paneer Twisted Burger. Don't forget to order in fries — we recommend Cheesy Fries or Chicken Topped Fries. 


Burgasm has such an extensive menu that you'll end up ordering from here, more than once. We've been thorough lovers of their BBQ Kluck Kluck Burger that comes stuffed with jalapenos, cheese, onion rings, and well-minced chicken patty. Yup, they've got onion rings in their burgers. Also, the vegetarian version of this burger — Classic Veggie Passion Burger is equally phenomenal. Some of our other favourites include Chilli Kluck Kluck Cheese Burger, Haleem Burger, and Southern Kluck Kluck Burger. To go with your burgers, don't forget to order in Cheese Sriracha French Fries and Chicken Overload Batata Fries. 

Giggle Water Burgers

Giggle Water Burgers has taken the city by storm! They've got an awesome and succulent situation going on with burgers like Fried Chicken Burger, Lamb Cheese Burger, etc. In fact, by 6 pm, most of their burgers get sold out so watch out. Vegetarians, you can dig into their Cottage Cheese Burger. All the burgers can be customised as per your taste — single patty or double? Plus, you can pick between fries and onion rings and sauces like Spicy Mayo, Chettinad Mayo, Classic Mayo with ketchup and mustard. They've got IPL combos too — so score one and cheer for your favourite team. 

Charcoal BBQ

Charcoal BBQ is the OG burger joint and ever since we've eaten its Juicy Lucy Burger, we've declared our eternal love for them. Known for charcoaled burgers, you've got to try The Sloppy Joe, The Big Daddy Burger. Vegetarians, you're up for an equal amount of ambrosia — The Bean Burger (which comes with potato crisps in the center for a crunch) and Hot N Spicy Paneer Burger are our ultimate go-to's! Their showstopper, however, is The Seven Sins Burger, which is a seven-layered burger. Expect the goodness of a fried egg, Meditteranean styled grilled chicken, molten cheddar and Emmenthal cheese, mutton/beef patty, potato crips, veggies and mushroom, hothouse sauce tossed in between multigrain burger buns. Woah, that sounds great! 

To order in or takeaway, please contact Charcoal BBQ! 


In all these six years, if there's one thing that hasn't changed — it's Thinespo's consistency in offering the same taste. Although it's located in Kompally (slightly far), we make our way to this place to grab their lasagna, cheese fries, and of course, their burgers. What must you order in? Well, the answer lies in Cottage Spicy Burger and Thrilling Tikki burgers. Want more meat? Go for BBQ Pulled Chicken Burger and King’s 3 Cheese Lamb Burger. While you are at it, don't forget to order in Chicken Cheese Fries, Spicy Wings, and Hash Brown. 

Burgers & Grills

Whenever we're craving burgers a little late in the night, we find ourselves reaching out for Burgers & Grills. This burger joint in Tolichowki makes burgers with three stuffings — vegetable, chicken, and lamb. Pretty simple! Their Surf & Turf Burger is a crowd favourite and it comes with garlic-scented chicken fillet, mayo, lettuce, onion, and chef's special sauce. We also recommend their Smoked House Burgers where sesame buns are stuffed with a juicy lamb patty, bbq sauce, lettuce, garlic, and caramelised onions. For sides, go for the Veg Loaded Nachos and Masala Fries. 


Of course, there's more to Churrolto than its churros. Apart from a wide range of entrees, pizzas, and risottos — Churrolto makes wicked burgers. Keeping it simple and yet killing, they serve only three burgers — Vegan Burger, Veg Crispy Burger, and Chicken Crispy Burger. Both the crispy burgers are made healthy by whipping the patties with soy and paneer or boiled chicken breast with spices. The Vegan Burger has a patty made from mushroom and corn. All the variants are deliciously juicy and you can order in Chimichurri Chicken Sticks and Buttermilk Chicken Wings to go along! 


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