Good Food With A Pretty Ambiance, Drop By Farzi Cafe Now!

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What Makes It Awesome ?

Fazi cafe
Farzi cafe is the best place to approach for unique modernist Indian food.

Ambiance: well-saying something about farzi cafe Ambiance is not required.
They have high energy ambiance. Perfectly decorated with plants and pretty interiors. Fazi cafe attracts us in all the way starting from the entrance. As soon as we enter the entrance, we can see the big door which is so beautiful and needs an introduction to say. One of the best entrance cafe door in Hyderabad. They have a very spacious lobby. They have both indoor and outdoor setting arrangements. Usually outdoor is opted to smoking. Alcohol is served here, which we can enjoy amazing music. Farzi cafe is full-on Greenery with plenty of plants.

Farzi cafe, its the place where culinary arts meet the alchemy of modern presentation. They use molecular gastronomy techniques. Which is why farzi cafe is becoming more popular. It's a perfect place all the time. It's has a romantic corner, with DJ at night.

Farzi cafe: it makes us surprise with their welcome shots i.e.. tutty fruity or mango shot which is yogurt-based.
These shots are so mouth-watering, as they get melted in the mouth.
Coming to the food: Everyone says it's over priced, it is over priced !!! No wonder why it is has worth, value, they have a good presentation for what they serve, best quality.
Let me give in detail of what I have tasted in farzi.
They were Fluffy, Great filling of cheese, Slightly cooked in tandoor and served very hot with a Really good Dip.
Very Hot and Crispy, the Crumb was crispy. The chili dip was excellent.
The breads are first slightly toasted, then the Stuffing Of Masala Aloo, which was a bit spicy and tangy flavored, the sandwich is grilled and covered with Sev for crunchiness. It has the best presentation
I loved their litchi Panna mock tail, which is tangy and has masala flavor. Best one I ever had
Chocolate Flour-less Cake
Chocolate Dirt pie
Re-Invented Malpua with Aerated rabri
Don't miss, malpua desserts! Malpua chef' comes to our table, and makes the desserts In front of us

Do visit this place and get farzified
No wonder why farzi cafe has 4.8 rating. It is not rated 5* only because of over price.

How Much Did It Cost ?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

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