Do Up Your Home! A Guide To Hyderabad's Best Furniture Stores

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Adulting can be tough but one of the cool things we get to do is decorate our own spaces. Whether you're a Type-A who already has a Pinterest Board ready  or someone just looking for inspo, we've found Hyderabad's best furniture stores for you. From quirky collectibles to pieces that will last a lifetime, these stores have it all! 

Danube Home

Danube Home in Sarath City Capital Mall is where you can load up on home decor in vibrant colours, kitchenware that makes cooking seem more fun, and furniture that lends a contemporary touch to your home. Whatever is your style — we love how Danube caters to minimalists and Pinterest fanatics equally. From great textures on paintings to mirrors (made from metal, wood, and clay), everything is curated to match different tastes, pockets, and priorities. The garden decor is quite vast. In fact, you can transform your entire patio or balcony area (no matter what size) with the products from the store. 

Urbane Home & Garden Furniture

Urbane Home & Garden Furniture in Jubilee Hills is a delight to even look at. They've got a large patio-like setting where garden decor like swings, vases, table-and-chair sets, stone carved pieces or vases are put up. Gawk at them or step inside to spot home decor accents and furniture. These pieces will surely make your home opulent.


TimberCraft in Jubilee Hills makes legit lit teakwood products, and if you are planning to do up your home in all-things wooden, start here. From sturdy beds and shelves to drawers and side-tables, they make it all. Their classic wardrobes can jazz up your room, and they are open to customisation too.

N Square Studio

Run by Nikita and Nitisha Popat, N Square Studio is a Hyderabad-based brand. This studio has artisans who handcraft stunning and minimalistic furniture. From coffee tables and ottomans to trolleys and armchairs, their classic pieces can transform the entire look of your home. They have a website where you can check out the designs and order online too.

The Antique Loft

The Antique Loft is a 25-year-old iconic store located in Banjara Hills. Known for restoring antique furniture, these awesome folks are pros at crafting wooden furniture. Whether you're looking for an old-style Pandirimancham or wine holders, they cover every spectrum of awesome. We love their carvings and you should definitely check out the bookstores.

Inheritance - Fine Furniture & Decor

Inheritance is a three-storeyed home studio in Yapral that houses classic pieces of furniture, paintings, and decor accessories. When you walk into the studio, the soft lights and bespoke home decor items that are plucked right out of a Ruskin Bond's book will leave an impression on you. Each floor has a diverse section of items and for the convenience of the customers, they are decked in living-room and bedroom format for you to visualise your space. But if you're looking for more, they are also experienced in interior designing and can transform your home to your taste. 

Wooden Street

Wooden Street Store is India's first online custom furniture store which has also launched an offline store in Hyderabad to help you pick the right furniture. They've got a skilled team of furniture designers and craftsmen who'll help you change the look of your house, from drab to fab. What do they have in store, you ask? From sofas that can keep your loved ones comfortable, study tables, wall-mounted shelves, and cabinets, to the right kind of bed to give you a good night's sleep — they have it all. 

Ancient India

Ancient India in Banjara Hills stays true to Indian roots by handcrafting timeless furniture. Find elephants embracing your coffee tables and handpainted carved drawers. It's almost like you're walking back in time when you step into this store. They have distressed furniture and home decor accents too.

Amar Handicrafts

Amar Handicrafts in Banjara Hills is one of the oldest furniture stores to make handmade, custom furniture that makes a space all the more charming. With attention to detail, the furniture has contemporary as well as old-school designs. Think carved garden furniture and old ornate sofa frames. Although the store deals with all kinds of wood, most orders are for teakwood which is used for both furniture and carvings. We are rooting for the statement chairs and seating here, but their wood carvings (made from rosewood/teakwood) are also worth a mention because you can use these as decorative wall hangings, picture frames, and mirror frames.

Metros Home Decor

If you love finding quirky pieces to do up your home, Metros Home Decor at Kothaguda might be your next favourite haunt! Find everything from quirky table linen, cushion covers, brass collectibles, curtains, rugs and even a selection of handmade ceramic crockery! The store itself is done up in a rustic vintage style theme with dark wood shelves neatly lined up displaying all the wares.  

Address Home Furnishings

If you're flamboyant and would like your spaces to reflect that, definitely check out the collection at Address Home Furnishings. Find statement pieces like giant clocks, gold candle stands, crockery, cushion covers and vases among others. This place is perfect if you're looking for that one statement piece that can be the centre of attraction for your spaces. 

Lepakashi Handicrafts

Possibly the oldest and one of the best places to find a curated collection of handicrafts from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, Lepakshi is the store to head to if you love vintage style decor that will last you for generations. From sofas, elaborate swing sets, statues of Hindu deities and other collectibles made from the choicest materials like Teak Wood, Lepakshi could be your favourite if you appreciate handicrafts and are looking to invest in them.  

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