15 Of Our Favourite Ice Cream Spots In Hyderabad To Beat The Heat

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No, we are not talking about your run-of-the-mill vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream, but ice creams encased in gold, infused with booze, and bringing back ice cream parlour nostalgia from the 90s! These places are some of the best ice cream parlours in Hyderabad and serve the quirkiest ice cream flavours in town, one scoop at a time. Summer is getting sweeter! 

Bilal Ice Cream Parlour

Bilal’s is one of the oldest ice cream parlours around, and it has an iconic status. The Nizami architecture with old portraits, chandeliers and the old-world charm of its ambience are sure to brighten even a grim day. While their Anjeer Badam and Black Currant ice creams are pure joy, it’s their delicate rose petal-flavoured ice-cream that takes the glory. If you’re looking for something adventurous, their paan ice cream will satisfy your need.

Price: INR 50 onwards

Zomato Rating: 3.9/5  

Indulge Ice Cream

At Indulge, you can eat your ice cream and take home the dainty customised coffee cup it is served in. The parlour has an interesting spread of flavours that you’ll not find in any other ice cream shops in Hyderabad. Our favourites are the African Dark Chocolate or Filter Kaapi.

Price: INR 135 onwards

Zomato Rating: 4.3/5

Shah Ice Cream

Shah Ice Cream in Mozamjahi Market is a 68-year-old establishment serving delicious hand-churned ice cream that you cannot get enough of. Sit outdoors with a group of friends or make it a family ritual to grab this delicacy and enjoy flavours like Mango, Custard Apple, Chickoo, Muskmelon, Lychee and Coconut, among others (we tried them all). The ice cream is served as scoops on a plate rather than in a cup or cone.

Price: INR 20 onwards

Zomato Rating: 4.1/5

Eat Confetti

If we're talking about the best ice creams in Hyderabad, we ought to mention Eat Confetti. They're not just known for their super delicious desserts but also for their unique and absolutely delightful-looking ice creams.

Price: INR 159 onwards 

Zomato Rating: 3.3/5

Vintage Ice Creams

Love popsicles or 'pepsis' as we used to call them in childhood? You may have spotted Vintage Ice Creams at several flea markets in Hyderabad. There's always a crowd around their stalls, and rightfully so. Aside from the nostalgia factor, their flavours range from fruit to milk-based, like chocolate, badam, butterscotch, and blueberry. They also do bulk orders for parties, so order in to make them the talk of your party! 

Price: INR 80 onwards

Zomato Rating: 2/5

Softy Den

Back to the OG's —Softy Den in Abids has been a popular haunt for every kid who has studied or lived around the area (including cutesy first dates.) You can get softies in different variants here, and they also do mixed swirls. Also, check out their sundae options, which give you that old-school ice cream parlour feel. 

Price: 170 onwards

Zomato Rating: 4.2/5

Aaromalé Café & Creative Community

Aaromalé has launched its ice cream menu with around 12 variants, each with a unique twist. From fruity to chocolatey flavours, the mildly sweetened ice creams are a great way to end your meal at the café. Our personal favourite is the nutty Asteroids in Orbit, which has been a bestseller at the cafe for ages. 

Price: INR 150 onwards

Zomato Rating: 4.1/5

Milano Ice Cream

Boozy ice creams, anyone? Milano has flavours like Old Monk, Jack Daniels, Whiskey Cream, Wine Chocolate, Mint Whiskey and many others. The place is right by Broadway, Prost and Forge Breu Hous, so you can step in for a quick midnight treat after partying it up. They often run out of their booze variants, so call the team before heading there. They also have a huge selection of ice creams, including KitKat Gelato, Oreo, Nutella, and even a Dairy Milk Silk variant.

Price: INR 165 onwards

Zomato Rating: 4.3/5


The gelato place is one of our favourite haunts near KBR Park if you're looking for a plush ambience to dig into your gelatos. While the flavours here keep changing, the Salted Macadamia and Choco Chip variants stand out. The Australian brand also has thick shakes, milkshakes and pancakes on the menu.

Price: INR 150 onwards

Zomato Rating: 4.2/5

Famous Ice Cream

A visit to the Famous Ice Cream is a lesson in history itself, thanks to the location where it's set. Famous Ice Cream is over seven decades old in Mozamjahi Market and serves ice creams made in traditional methods from back in the day, incorporating seasonal fruits like Mango, Custard Apple, Chikoo, Muskmelon, Lychee and Coconut. Their Mango variant is a bestseller, so take advantage of the summer heat and dig in. 

Price: INR 25 onwards

Zomato Rating: 4.2/5

Naturals Ice Cream

Come summer and we're eagerly waiting for Naturals Ice Cream's Jackfruit and Mango Ice Creams that have real pieces of fruit in them. Then there's the classics—the Tender Coconut that made us fall in love with coconuts all over again. We love that their waffle cones have a subtle yet distinct flavour too.

Price: INR 75 onwards

Zomato Rating: 4.5/5


Dumont is our fix for whacky ice cream flavours. Ever heard of Cake & Jam, Kheer, and Maple & Cinnamon Short Bread? Yup, those are just some of the options you’ll find here. Our picks are The Oreo Van Sundae, which has an Oreo biscuit on the top, Oreo ice cream at the bottom, lots of caramel in the middle, topped off with crunchy toffee, and Choco Orange, which is Malaysian cocoa ice cream mixed with orange pulp.

Price: INR 84 onwards

Zomato Rating: 4.3/5

Huber & Holly

Sorbets, ice creams, ice cream shakes and ice cream pastry — Huber & Holly is all hoity-toity with their ice creams, and they’re all delicious. They know that eating 2-3 scoops won’t be enough, so they have mini family packs you can take home too. Our favs are Rose Cranberry Ice Cream and Truffle-oh! Ice Cream pastry. We’re always game to be a bit fancy.

Price: INR 139 onwards

Zomato Rating: 4/5


If you’re passing by an Ibaco, stop and get their Mango Raspberry Ice Cream. It tastes like summer and all things tropical and is a great fix to this city's summer heat. What else do we suggest? Sour Cherry Chocoverse Ice Cream which has dark chocolate, Sea Salt Caramel Pecan Ice Cream and Litchi Ice Cream.

Price: INR 119 onwards

Zomato Rating: 4.1/5

Ohri’s Eatmor

We cannot complete this list without mentioning the famous Bulls Eye Ice Cream. Local foodies know the hype this ice cream had a decade ago, and it’s unchanged. Ohri’s signature dessert is loaded with condensed milk chocolate fudge, served with a dollop of vanilla ice cream drizzled with more chocolate syrup. It hits all the right spots.

Price: INR 219 onwards

Zomato Rating: 4.2/5