Making Instagram A Fitter Place! These Profiles Are The Hub For Home Workouts

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For all the times you've procrastinated working out, now is the time to stop making those excuses.  You have all the time in the world and these fitness pros are churning out fitness routines on Instagram that you can do at home. They are beginner-friendly (we got you covered) and require almost no equipment, so now is the time to get a fit and toned body.

Power through! 

Coach Pradyum

Advocating overall body fitness, coach Pradyum is a certified online trainer based out of Bengaluru. Want to shed those nasty extra kilos for the longest time? Tap tap on Pradyum's Instagram handle and get ready to train with him. He currently has his home alone series where he shows cardio, strength training, and muscle building regimes that are beginner-friendly. Not just that, diet plays an equally important rule in staying fit, so he will help you with that as well. 

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Sylvia Ku

Based out of Kolkata, Sylvia Ku is a trainer at Zest Fitness Studio. She specialises in strength training but that's not her only strong suit. Her workouts focus on fat loss, muscle gain, body strength and conditioning, and diet planning that'll help you ace that body. Where to begin? Allow her to show you how to do elevator squats, progression-on push-ups, and pull-ups through her Instagram videos to begin with and move on to a full-body workout regime. 

The F Squad

These folks from Pune are killing it with their sweat-dripping routines. Wondering what they are? Their program is a 60-minute progressive and dynamic workout that is bound to make you push your limits. Who said home exercises can't be fun? The F Squad is making Instagram a fitter place by showing us partner workouts that include warm up cardio, variations in burpees, plank holds, squats, and more. And don't worry if you're a beginner because they keep it simple and effective. They're pushing out a video everyday, so you can do a different routine everyday. 

Divya Rajkumar

A national swimmer and a fitness instructor, Divya Rajkumar from Chennai is giving us major fitness inspiration. If you're seriously into fitness and don't want the national lock down to stop your energy, head over to her Instagram profile to check out her home workout routines. No equipment and fuss free, she is teaching to reach our body goals with full body circuit routines. 

Dr. Suneetha & Praveen Raja

21 days of lockdown isn't stopping this power sibling duo from working out and it shouldn't stop you too. Dr. Sunitha is a state powerlifting masters gold medalist and teaming up with her brother, their Instagram profile named is helping fitness enthusiasts power through this tough time. Their at-home workout routines consist of full-body strength training and cardio that's easy to follow and enough to sweat it out. 

Dinaz Vervatwala

Stepping up the fitness game, Dinaz Vervatwala is one of Hyderabad's most popular trainers whose idea is to well, get you in shape. Simple, right? Oh-so-fun and effective at the same time, her workouts hit every part of the body, including the mind, and we think that's awesome. Helping you eat right and workout right, she has converted her balcony into a gym (which you should too) to show us cardio and HIIT routines we can do at home. Her Instagram page is where all the buzz is happening, so hit that follow button and get working! 

Radhika Bose

It's 2020 and yoga-to do yoga! Radhika Bose is one of the most popular fitness influencers from Delhi and she's making yoga fun and lit. Lockdown or no lockdown, nothing can stop her spirit and she's got a new routine every day on her Instagram handle that is giving us all the pump we need. Full body, legs, abs? No matter what part you want to focus on, her routines cover them all pretty well. It will feel effortless but you will feel the burn.  

Simran Khosla

A nutritionist and a lifestyle coach, Simran Khosla will help you attain your body goals while improving your lifestyle and immunity. For the mind, body, and soul, her current home workout regimes are all about full-body fitness that will make you love exercising. Keeping it light and easy with movements like squats, step jumps, lunges. and glute bridges, so you know she means serious business. Not just that, she also puts up diet plans on Instagram because she's a pro like that, so tap tap! 

Mishti Khatri

Where do we begin? ACSM certified trainer, IFAA trainer, and sports nutritionist, Mishti Khatri is on top of her game. Don't have enough space to workout at home? Mishti Khatri has a way for you too, pal. With easy innovative exercises like stair workout which include a circuit of wide push-ups, stair hops, tricep dips, and glute kickbacks (to name a few), she leaves us no choice but to get up and move it. Of course, her Instagram profile has tons of videos that you can take inspiration from, but hear us out when we say, if you ace the stair workout circuit, you're sorted! 

Nidhi Mohan Kamal

Want to wrap up a workout in 15 minutes? Allow Nidhi Mohan Kamal to show you how. If eating right and working out and building a fit body, slowly and surely, is your 21-day goal, head straight to her Instagram profile for quick home workouts that focus on one section like legs and abs. Power through and ace it! 


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