Tangy & Spicy: Grab A Plate Of Pani Puri At These Places

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Here's a list of the best pani puri places that will make you run down the road to get your fill of the snack. From suji puris to multi-flavoured pani, you can get it all here.

Maharaja Chaat

Located in Madhapur, this place has some delicious surprises which will make you stop at their joint and make your pani puru journey an unforgettable one. Also, you definitely shouldn’t miss items like zesty pao bhaji and a hot plate of aloo tikki chat. And yes, they maintain sufficient cleanliness, making it one of the best places.

Price per place: INR 40 

Agra Sweets Namkeen & Chat Bhandar

Second on the list is Agra Sweets Namkeen & Chat Bhandar in Manikonda. It serves wholesome pani puris which are super spicy and attracts all the youngsters and kids in the vicinity. Their stall is clean and they do customisation based on your choice of sweet/spicy filling too. Make sure to also try the masala puri here. 

Price per plate: INR 20 


Dadu's is known for its sweets, but also for their chaat and pani puri. You will witness a lot of families here who come here often. And did we mention how delicious their chana is? 

Price per plate: INR 60

Uncle Chaat

This small chaat stall serves pocket-friendly pani puris and they have plenty of options apart from the pani puri as well. If you live around Kondapur, know that it usually opens at 6.30pm and go here with your squad and have a pani puri competition.

Price per plate: INR 20

Poorna Chat Bhandar

This opens at around 4.30 pm every evening and is usually a spot for school kids around the area. Initially run as a one-man stall, Poorna Chat Bhandar has made itself a busy hangout spot with people coming from various parts of the city simply for their pani puri

Price per plate: INR 20

The PaniPuri Shop

Located on the main road of Ayyapa Society, this stall serves seven different flavours of pani-puri. We repeat, seven (hing, mint, jeera, garlic, lemon, and ginger). So, if you are ever in that area, you should visit this place. It is hygienic and serves offbeat flavours that you will not find at regular street-side stalls.

Price per plate: INR 30

Om Shiv Shanker Pani Puri

This stall has been around for over a decade now. Here, you'll get choley pani puri that is to die for and has a loyal following that shows up every day too. It is near a junior college which makes it a very crowded place during the evening hours. So, it's best to go before 5 pm.

Price per plate: INR 20

Bombay Juice

This place is a perfect combination of sour and spicy. Their pani puri is too good. While there are many more eateries that can satiate your appetite, this is the one from the list of Hyderabad street food joints, that you must not miss!

Price per plate: INR 30


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