Let's Walk Through Madhapur's Best Restaurants That Will Cater To Your Palate

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Hyderabad doesn’t disappoint when it comes to dealing with taste buds. There’s history to it, there’s tradition. And even though most of you are nodding at this moment while reading this, you cannot deny the fact that it's hard to choose the best amongst the lot, especially in an area like Madhapur. Because good food is not the only parameter; there's service, ambience, and vibe that are equally important.

This hand-picked list will take you to the best restaurants in Madhapur that have typical South Indian food, Awadhi food, Italian dishes, North Indian cuisine and so much more. So without further ado, let’s get started and also, let us know how many have you eaten at?

The Grand Trunk Road

Try not to drool on your phone here. Because The Grand Trunk Road has artsy walls, rustic touch to its ambience, colourful menu to name a few and it's hard not to capture any of it. Its menu spans dishes from North India — both the familiar and the less so. However, non-vegetarian dishes are more dominating.

Cuisine: North Indian


For aficionados of the Telugu food, you’ve got to check out Teluguness. Try getting a table for your family there on a Sunday afternoon. Or simply go along with your friends to explore the Telugu cuisine. From Miriyala Rasam to Paya Shorva, from Aloo Karam Vepudu to Kurnool Kodi; you’ll get a variety of options. This place will make you feel the authenticity, not just by food but also by the setting of the ambience.

Cusine: Telugu


Italian fare in the city has moved from the staid pizza-pasta variety to a gastronomical range of authentic Italian over the past few years. And if you're hunting down for one, look no further and check out Prego (located at The Westin Hyderabad Mindspace). Their grilled meats and greens are just exquisite and worth being on your plate. And when you visit there, don't forget to try out their delicious desserts. All in all, this place is all about good food, great vibe, and flowing drinks.

Cuisine: Italian


Located on the second floor of the Khelkart building complex, Aazebo is a bit difficult to track down. But it's all worth the efforts. The decor is charming, they have a traditional floor seating which is done in a regal way. Moving to the food section, they have  good options of mandis that start at INR 300 (half plate).

Cuisine: Arabian

Punjabi Affair

Punjabi Affair is about succulent taste, desi ghee and the madness and gusto of Punjab. This restaurant gives an authentic feel of a Punjabi home in a quirky manner. When dining here, your meal is incomplete without a glass of the Patiala Lassi (the speciality of this place).

Cuisine: Punjabi


Flechazo serves a great buffet with comfortable seating and plush interiors. If you would like to book a table for a team lunch, just let them know. They follow the concept of 'the more the merrier.'  Hence, 'the bigger the group, the more discount.' 

Cusine: Asian/Mediterranean


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