Enjoy Healthy & Delicious Salads At This Outlet In Towlichowki!

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A well-made salad must have a Certain Uniformity, It should make a perfect sense for those ingredients to share a Bowl. And that's, why My go-to place, is Pista House, Tolichowki Outlet for A Healthy and Delicious Salad. They've been very famous for their Sandwiches and Biryanis, But I've heard a lot about their Salads. People have been praising it every time when they visit here. Last Saturday I visited here to try the salad and was blown away by their taste

The Best part was the vegetables were so fresh and Crunchy. As you can see the salad counter was Neat im condition, the staff wore gloves, masks and Caps. I ordered for a healthy Chicken Salad bowl which has Lettuce (It was Super crunchy and Watery), Sliced Tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, Cucumbers, Olives, He was about to add Broccoli but I said NO for it 😁 Few Pieces of Slightly cooked Chicken, Salad Dressing sauces, Cheese and Topped with Black Fennel seeds. Isn't this the Perfect salad bowl? I really loved it and was already full. I wish I could get to knew this before and kept eating every day. Guys, I Highly recommend this to you. Worth trying and Value for Money


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