Girl-Next-Door To A 70-Year-Old-Granny: These Are Samantha's Best Movies

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From girl-next-door to performance-related roles, Samantha's journey in the South Indian movie industry has been phenomenal. Here are some of her best movies to watch in Telugu & Tamil. 

Ye Maaya Chesave

This is a Tollywood classic that had Samantha delivering one of her best performances as a debutant. Directed by Gautham Menon and starring her now-husband Naga Chaitanya, Ye Maaya Chesave follows the story of a young mechanical engineering graduate Karthik, who wants to become a film director and falls in love with Jessi, who is elder to him. Disclaimer, this movie is going to make you feel mushy with its songs.


Do you remember hearing about a movie with a fly as a hero? That was Eega. This movie was quite the talk-of-the-town when it released for all the right reasons because the story revolves around the hero's soul getting inside a house fly after a painful death. As the love interest, Samantha's character got her time to shine and to show off her acting prowess. 


Samantha put her name in bold letters with her amazing performance in this movie. Starring opposite Ram Charan, the way she immersed herself in the character of Ramalakshmi was a happy sight. The movie is set in a rural background, in a village called Rangasthalam where the hero of the movie is a happy-go-lucky man with a hearing disability. The story unfolds when his brother decides to contest against the village's president, who is some sort of a dictator to the residents. Once you watch the movie, you can only imagine how the actors got the local accent just right. 

U Turn

U Turn was Samantha's one-woman show. This is one of the best Tollywood thriller movies with awesome BGM and plot twists. The story is about a young intern in a newspaper, Rachana, who assists a crime reporter in investigating an accident that occured on a flyover. However, she gets accused of a murder amidst the investigation and that's how the plot unfolds. Not a spoiler alert, but expect a shocking twist in the movie. 

Super Deluxe

Super Deluxe is super! Actually no, it's a masterpiece. This movie has many layers of meaning which deserve more than one watch. A few words are not enough to summarise the movie, but the story follows an unfaithful wife, a questionable father, and a short-tempered boy who must face their demons on one fateful day. Heads up, this thriller movie is quite dark. 

Oh! Baby

Oh! Baby is a critically acclaimed feel-good movie that stars Samantha playing the role of an old lady. Err.. we mean her character has an old lady's soul trapped inside her. This movie is an official remake of the Korean movie Miss Granny. In this movie, Savitri is a 70-year-old lady who is unhappy with her life and accuses god. She goes to a photo booth to get a photo shot when she turns into a peppy 24-year-old girl. 


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