Go Trekking At This Iconic Fort Located Just An Hour Away From The City

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What Makes It Awesome

If exploring the ruins of an age-old fort, rappelling, and trekking with a bunch of adventure lovers, and simply getting away from the chaos of Hyderabad are what you want, then Bhongir Fort is not to be missed. Keep figuring out the shape of the Bhongir Fort from a distance. Is it an elephant or a tortoise? Located 800 meters above sea level, Bhongir (or Bhuvanagiri) rose to fame during the Kakatiya empire.

This fairly easy trek takes you through well-paved rocky steps leading to the hilltop that houses the ruins of the fort. The beauty of this trek lies in exploring the distressed walls of the ruins with carvings on it, and the cool breeze. People go for rappelling along the monolith rock that houses the fort too. There is also Bala Hisar, a citadel on top of the hill, from where the view is a kicker. Rumour also has it that there is a secret underground tunnel that connects Bhongir Fort to Golconda Fort.

So, whether you want to dig into the history from the 11th century or escape to a peaceful place where you can indulge in some adventure, give Bhongir a try.

What Could Be Better

The fort seems rather neglected, and could've been maintained better by the concerned authorities.


Since it is only 48 kms away from Hyderabad, you can drive here and return on the same day. But, don't trust Google maps once you are in Nalgonda. Instead, ask the locals for directions to the fort. 


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