This Start-Up Will Collect Waste From Your Doorstep, Pay You For It & Recycle

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What Makes It Awesome

What do you do with the pile of junk in your house? We're talking about take-out boxes and online shopping packaging. Sure, you try to recycle them but most of the times, it gets burnt in dumping grounds which is bad for the environment. 

Based out of Hyderabad, Bintix is a start-up that will collect dry, recyclable waste from your doorstep. What's the catch? They will pick it up for free and pay you for the junk. The collected waste is separated into categories like paper, PET plastic bottles, single-use plastic, etc which are compressed using a hydraulic press. They are then sent to certified recyclers who pay Bintix for the junk. Win-win, right? 

What can you giveaway? Bintix will accept paper products like magazines, carton boxes, notebooks, all sorts of plastic packaging, metal products like stainless steel, iron, aluminium, cigarette butts, glass bottles, etc. Basically, most of the things lying around you. They also collect clothes and footwear to donate to the needy. 

Want to be a part of this environment-friendly initiative? Get on their website and register for a pick-up. You'll find all the information there.