Get Some Fresh Air: Have You Checked Out This Huge Park With More Than 200 Trees?

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What Makes It Awesome

Did you grow up listening about the wise oak trees? Not just oak trees, you can see and learn about so many tall, wise trees at this park in the most happening area of the city. Amidst Gachibowli's hustle bustle lies this 13-acre park which encapsulates the great mystery of life and its creation on Earth. As soon as you enter the Biodiversity park, you will be greeted by a ginormous structure (32 feet tall ) called The pylon that symbolizes the creation of matter (Geek mode on, fellas).

It also has a model of DNA on the top which is just architecturally awesome. What about the trees, you ask? This massive park is divided into four sectors, each containing more than 200 plant species. Imagine how green that would be! What's truly awesome about this park is that every tree represents one U.N country like India, Australia, Bhutan, Iceland, Colombia, etc, and was planted by the scientist who's a part of the council. Not just trees, there are also a couple of artistic sculptures which you can see while walking around the park.

Always drove past it but never knew how awesome this park is, did you? Plan a day out and check out this park, like now.


There's not much space for parking near the park. On weekends, we recommend you reach this place via public transport. 


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