Early Risers? Head Here For The Best Breakfast Options

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What Makes It Awesome?

Breakfastdiaries 2020, #cigusta style!
All ya early birds looking for breakfast, head to Ci Gusta like I did last week. The new breakfast menu has some offbeat choices in addition to the usual suspects.

Here's what I would go back for,
1. Chicken chorizo served over a bed of chopped hash browns dunked in a delicious gravy. The chorizo is way milder than the traditional one but paired really well with the gravy.

2. Quinoa hash cakes - plump quinoa patty that retained its crunchy exterior even after sitting on the plate for 15 minutes. This was served over a baked beans sauce.

3. The bubble waffle was my absolute favorite. It tasted as good as it looked. Next time I will try it with just a drizzle of maple syrup and some fruit without the toppings drowning it.

4. The vegetarian omelette aka besan cheela. Chef Naresh upped the oomph of the desi cheela by serving it up with buttered mushrooms and a stir fry of chopped hash browns. I wish they would add another cheela to the platter to make it more filling.

The breakfast experience is enhanced greatly by the tea infusions/tisanes served in oh so pretty teapots. I loved the peach Oolong. I'm pretty sure it would work really well as an iced tea as well.

Most of the food can be customized to suit specific dietary needs. How cool is that! Hanumant commitment to healthy eating and Chef Naresh's commitment to dishing out each thing cooked and plated beautifully ensures happy customers.

The menu is priced, between ₹199 to ₹319 + taxes and is available between 8 am till noon.

What Could Be Better?

Here's what could get better: The French toast - the preparation didn't do justice to the lovely brioche. A thicker slice, a longer soak time, a generous dash of vanilla /cinnamon and a bit of brown sugar on the last flip to finish would have been heavenly.

Hot Chocolate - wish this was made with the real thing, the ol' fashioned way.

The service is slow since everything is made fresh, so make sure you have enough time on hand. Enjoy a fro yo, gelato, tea or a beverage until your food arrives.

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500