Sip, Eat & Play Board Games At These Cafes In Hyderabad

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Monopoly, scrabble, chess? Do these words strike a chord? Whether you’re a competitive player or you’re just in it for fun, board games can be therapeutic and exciting. And growing up doesn’t mean you need to stop having fun. So, feel like a child again at these board game cafés over some yummy snacks.

The Big Cup Theory

This is a European cafe that serves a variety of tea, refreshing summer coolers/shakes, European, Mexican, Israeli cuisine along with around the world breakfast and mouth-watering desserts. Here, you can find the classics board games like Ludo, Snakes & Ladders, Chess, Monopoly, Pictionary, etc.

Get On Board Cafe

Brainchild of an avid gamer, Sireesha Behara, Get On Board Café is the world's first rooftop board game café with over 800 games to pick from. And as their game gurus get you accustomed, feel free to chow down on your favourite comfort food. So, what are you waiting for? Get gaming with your squad now!

Hole in the Wall Café

From swings for chairs to French-style, Hole in the Wall Café is Instagram-worthy. You’ll always have a reason to keep going back to this café. They also have a couple of board games and the waiters are extremely helpful and even give you instructions on how to play the games. So, go and enjoy their amazing food whilst your intense board game sesh with your friends or your partner.

Humming Bird Café

Pastel coloured mirrors, funky pieces, a few birdhouses, Humming Bird Café can give your Instagram profile a quirky vibe. And amidst this, you can rack your brain over finding the perfect word in Scrabble or just enjoy a playful game of Poker with your friends there.

Coffee Cup

Located in Sainikpuri and away from the cry of the beating traffic, Coffee Cup has been a hub for a lot of people since many years. Here, you can expect a fun-filled evening with Jenga, cards and other games with great background beat keeping the ambience alive. The amazing part? They have opened up a new outlet right next door (which is a year old now). But the point is there is no worry about the space. However, weekends are always super crowded.


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