Settle All Your Chicken Wings Cravings At This Crazy Outlet!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Buffalo Wild Wings: Who doesn’t love chicken wings? They are the perfect bar food, versatile and importantly, very handy to hog on. You can order hot and spicy or mild wings. Chicken wings are meant to be eaten with your hands and an ice, cold beer helps to wash them down. There are countless restaurants across the country doing business on chicken wings. It is hard to realize that chicken wings had their inception for a little more than fifty years now and that they were originally considered a throw-away part of the chicken. That is until a happy accident led to the creation of one of America’s favourite bar food.

Neither the origin nor the food item itself has anything to do with actual buffalo, nor American Bison which many people call Buffalo even though they are not. Rather, this tasty item originated in Buffalo, New York, with most food historians indicating buffalo wings probably were first served in the Anchor Bar there. This myth says that Teressa Bellissimo, proprietor of the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY, who, in 1964, first thought of serving chicken wings to its patrons. She decided to deep-fry the naked wings for her son's impromptu midnight snack, dress them in a mixture of vinegar and butter, and serve them with sticks of celery and a rich blue cheese dressing which became an instant hit among the crowd. However, this story has many variations to it. To take the concept ahead, in the year 1982, Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowery, out of sheer hunger were craving wings, wherein they either had to drive to Buffalo from Ohio or open a Wings eatery close to home. Eventually, they chose the latter option & hence the inception of BWW, which is an ultimate place to hang out with your friends, watch sports, drink beer and hog on some wings. Since then, BWW has managed to come up with multiple franchises across the globe.

We visited one fine evening at the Jubilee Hills outlet, which has a welcoming atmosphere with a front-row seat for every sports buff out there. Starting off with the food, Popcorn Shrimp, Onion Rings & Fish n Chips hit our table. While the mouth-popping shrimps are really addictive as it was served with a mayo dip, flavorful and delicious, Onion rings had the crisp texture of crumb-fried onions, absolutely spot-on to pair up with ranch dressing. Even the Fish n Chips was quite good, the fillets were seasoned well with crumb coated deep fried till the perfect crispness, paired well with the Lemon Garlic dressing. Next up was Chicken pizza & Peri-peri grilled prawns, these spicy & luscious prawns pieces which are packed with flavours, a few beers and good friends will undoubtedly make a good combo.

A new entrant to their menu being Boneless Wings, again this one was a crowd favourite as the sauce coated was absolutely lip-smacking; recommended from the menu. Coming to the Wings, we took 3 variations - Asian Zing, Thai curry & Mango Habanero, whilst the Asian zing has minute traces of chilly pepper with soy and ginger sauce, the Manago Habanero surely is something to look forward to, a well-balanced sauce of sweet & chilly flavour wherein the aftereffect will surely call for a beer to wash it down. The Thai curry was another one which has traces of chillies, however considerably on a lower level blended with other spices making it a variant which can be savoured by all. Lastly, basil sauce coated fish fillet served with flavoured rice made it to the table to ease our palate after having so much of burn; another recommended pick.
To round off the fare, we got some Redbulls, brownie with ice-cream & Dessert Nachos, a cinnamon based tortilla topped with vanilla ice-cream, cheesecake bites & drizzled with caramel sauce. Buffalo wings have witnessed a huge surge in popularity over time, including becoming a “traditional” snack to eat while watching your fav sport, be it Football or Cricket, and if you love sports, beer & wings, BWW is your place to be.

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