Check Out These Tasty Frozen Snacks Made By This Home Chef!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Don't have the time and energy to cook? But don't wanna order from outside? Worry not. At puja's snack abode comes to the rescue. It is run by Puja Manchanda, a passionate home chef, who serves frozen snacks and ready-to-eat food. I tried their frozen snacks, like Samosas, cheese boxes, Momo cigars which have a shelf life of up to 1 month of freezer shelf life.

Put them in hot oil and then fry them on a medium flame. Just before removing from oil, fry in high flame again. Loved the chicken keema Samosa filling and the veg samosa is a combination of cheese and corn. Crunchy outside and gooey inside. Thoroughly enjoyed having these hot and crunchy cheesy chicken boxes. They have both Veg and Chicken variants in the Momo cigars. It is an irresistible snack. Their Creamy Egg Sandwiches have a freezer shelf life of 2 days, and to be toasted before having it. In love with the creamy mouth-feel and peppy flavour of this delectable sandwich.

Puja's Snack Abode parathas have a frozen shelf life of up to 1 month. Made of 100% whole wheat Atta, It's half done and needs to be toasted before eating. So, it not only serves frozen snacks, but also readymade food, which includes a range of Punjabi staples along with few continental dishes as well. Food is prepared in a sanitized hygienic home kitchen!!