Try Cheese Kunafa and Sulaimani Chai From This Place!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Spice 6, an authentic place to try out Middle East Cuisine. A traditional Middle Eastern dessert made with thin noodle-like pastry, or alternatively fine semolina dough, soaked in sweet, sugar-based syrup, and typically layered with cheese, It is popular in the Arab world, particularly the Levant and Egypt and especially among Palestinians.

The pastry is heated in butter, margarine, palm oil, or traditionally semneh and then spread with soft white cheese, A Very good Quality and topped with more pastry. To get that crunchy effect, They add thin Vermicelli And roast for sometime till it's golden and Crunch in taste. Crushed pistachios or other nuts are sprinkled on top as a garnish. Served Absolutely very hot and tasted really delicious. And of course, a cup of Sulaimani Tea to end the day..

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