This Outlet In SR Nagar Is Serving Amazing Donne Biryani

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What Makes It Awesome

Priced well within INR 600 for two, Chickpet Donne Biryani House in SR Nagar is heaven for meat lovers. No kidding! You will not have a reason to compromise on your love for chicken (or mutton) at all! The whole menu is dedicated to non-vegetarian (except for one veg dish). Specialty? Donne Biryani in various versions. The blend of spices, coriander, and mint leaves and ghee gives out an amazing aroma that would hit your palate for sure. They serve the biryani in Donne, large cups made with dried palm leaves. Hence, the name. Also, order Mutton Pepper Fry, a great side dish to go for. This will rock your taste buds with its perfect blend of well-cooked meat and spiciness!

We assure you that Donne Biryani is worth it and the crowd only validates the popularity.


We recommend you to hit the place on weekday noon to avoid the crowd or else, you have to share the table with strangers. 


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