Check Out The City's First Premium Chocolatier And Boulangerie!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Did you just pronounce it as Zuci? It's pronounced as Suh-chi . The word is derived from a Sanskrit word that means Purity. You read it right. Have you ever come across so much research involved in naming a cafe or restaurant. Zuci has already become the talk of the town as it is the city's first premium chocolatier and boulangerie.

The brand is started by a Wife Husband duo Mrs Aparna and Mr Chaitanya. Mrs Aparna is a Chocolatier and has learnt the art of making them from the Chocolate Academy, Belgium and the Ecole Nationale Superieure de Patisserie (ENSP), France institutions in France. Zuci has a lot to offer from exsequite chocolates to mouth smacking baked treats. I was invited for a session. The aroma of chocolates, once you enter the cafe, will surely make you pick up the menu and order some drool-worthy food. I happened to taste a wide variety of fresh-baked pastries and desserts such as the Zuci Signature 12 layer Chocolate Cake,
Chocolate Vanilla Pastry, Vanilla Pastry, Chocolate Mousse, Hazelnut Choux pastry, Citrus rind cheesecake and Donuts.

The zuci signature 12 layer chocolate cake is a must-try and the cafes signature dish. The minute you look at it will make you drool and will surely make you grab some forks and spoons. The doughnuts will surely make you feel like a kid all over again once with every bite you take. The others such as the Hazelnut Choux pastry and the Citrus rind cheesecake have their rich flavours added to it and will make your mouth water. Adding on to such beautifully designed handcrafted desserts we were also served with the Strawberry and Blueberry yoghurt smoothie and Zuci Brownie Milkshake. The best part of the cafe is that every item is made with a lot of efforts and love which indeed will make it taste spectacular. To balance the sweetness overdose we were served the Capuccino, Mint Chamomile Tea and the Lavender Tea. Just imagine you sipping some hot tea and coffee with some soothing music and you looking at the door to find it drizzling. Not to forget is the Italian Hot Chocolate which is made with the purest form of chocolate without any added ingredients. The pureness of it will make you fall in love with it and you'll just want more of it. We also got a hand onto some savouries such as Garlic Bread with Garlic Mayo, Potatoe wedges, Paneer Tikka Wrap and the Gnocci pasta with pesto sauce. The items were not at all disappointing and trust me the paneer Tikka wrap was just mesmerizing and you could feel the panner pieces melt in your mouth and the Potatoe wedges were hands down the best I have had. The garlic bread and the Gnocci pasta with pesto sauce were not bad at all. I'm sure you reading this review would have made you at least think that you should visit the cafe at the earliest and coming to the safety and hygiene you don't have to worry about it and just leave it out once you enter the place.

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