Get Churro'd! This Dessert Parlour Is Making Us Break Our Diet

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What Makes It Awesome

How bad can your day be if you start it with churros? Nope, it cannot be bad at all and that thought led us to Churrolto. Peeps who frequented their former outlet would tear up in joy, especially because there is a better parking space now. The two-storeyed cafe has its dessert counter on the ground floor, with chairs scattered around. The top floor is where all the magic happens because it's bright and has sunlight storming in.

They haven't changed the menu, and we quickly dug into Ravioli, Tofu Rice Noodles (my God!) before moving on to the churros. Both the dishes were delicious, filling, and if you've never visited Churrolto, do try their Buttermilk Fried Chicken. We often find ourselves loving the Wings in Chipotle Peppers sauce, which are quite tangy and leave us wanting more. Ask for their classic churros with whipped cream and dark Nutella or Praline. The warm churros are sprinkled with their specialty spiced sugar and go really well with the whipped cream. Want something to drink? The Mexican Lemonide (sorry, but they spell it this way) with chili and a hint of ginger is perfect to end your meal. Take home some red velvet or tiramisu goodness or check what's special for the day.

How Much Did It Cost

₹1000 - ₹3000

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