Ci Gusta: Relish Some Delicious Food

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What Makes It Awesome?

Ci Gusta is an Italian Gelato which means `We like it ‘. This popular Italian franchise which serves a wide variety of exuberant Gelatos has its outlet setup at Madhapur, Hyderabad.

This casual dining outlet/cafe serves from colourful Artisan Gelatos to early morning strong and good premium coffees. It serves moderately-priced food in a comfortable ambience which provides an affordable dining experience. It is just two feet from the busiest roads of Madhapur with a quaint atmosphere, perfect for someone who loves Italian cuisine.

I’ve been to this outlet with a group of foodie friends for a Sunday morning breakfast. As it was Sunday morning things were slow at the cafe, rather meditative. The atmosphere was calm and the ambience seemed bright with colourful photo frames of food, circular mirrors and another basic decor.

An L - shaped counter displaying colourful flavours of Gelatos can be viewed as you enter through the main entrance and as you pass through them you’ll find small to high-end electric coffee machines on the longitudinal side of the counter with a pleasant aroma of coffee oozing out of the equipment.

On the right side, there’s a comfortable seating area with movable wooden tables by the glass end of the outlet and low sofa seating towards the spacious inner area of the cafe.

We started with English breakfast buffet which included crispy toast with butter/jam, fried eggs with perfectly cooked whites and runny yolk, sliced tender chicken breast sausages which had a distinctive flavour, perfectly baked beans, fluffy hash browns fried to perfection served along with slightly spicy and sweet tomato chutney.

This complete breakfast tray looked like a premium morning breakfast served at a star hotel.

* Chicken chorizo: Fried eggs with perfectly cooked whites and a yolk that flows as you disturb it with the cutlery are topped with flavoursome onion gravy served along with crusty toast in a blue ceramic bowl was an eye candy to look at.

* Homemade Granola: This dish couldn’t get any better. This was a light and healthy breakfast dish which included crunchy granola with apple and strawberry segments served along with milk.

* Foxtail Millet Upma: Foxtail Millet popularly knows as Thinai in India is said to be one of the healthiest breakfast dish and also easy to prepare.
This one was light, colourful looking with veggies and a splash of tomato chutney and coriander garnish. This dish lightens up your mood and gives you a fresh feel.

* Pancakes, Crepe’s & Waffles: It felt like a perfect weekend morning with fluffy pancakes in my plate. The pancake had perfect chewable texture and tasted fantastic with maple syrup.

This outlet serves thin and delicious crêpes with a layer of fresh cream, fruits and maple syrup topping. Garnishing with mint leaves made it look appealing and mouthwatering.

The bubble waffles were an eye catchy fancy dish which was crispy fun and delicious dish to eat at this outlet.

The presentation of this dish made it a photogenic delicacy and also a perfect treat to the tastebuds on a lazy Sunday morning

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