Head Over To City's Only Dessert Truck That Makes Lamingtons, Cupcakes & Tarts

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What Makes It Awesome

A food truck that is probably made up our dreams, Ciel is a four-year-old patisserie on wheels. Are we going to run behind it like the minions do for gelato? Let's find out! Gleefully lit up and decked with several variants of cupcakes, you must be really distracted if you don't spot Ciel as you pass by it. We spotted it near Maharaja Chat in Madhapur, which is where it's parked from 4.30pm-9.30pm before it travels to Jubilee Hills. Ciel was founded by Udaya Puli, who learned baking hands-on and experimented with a number of desserts herself. Now, she has a pro team of pastry chefs and sous chefs who whip these dainty sweet courses.

Having a conversation with Udaya is as fascinating as her chocolate cupcake. So, we recommend relishing a tart with a side of the chat. Lamington, an Australian delicacy, is one of the most popular desserts on the truck, and we saw people picking it in numbers. So, we dug right in too! The cupcakes were top-notch and unlike many desserts out there, they were light on our tum. The Lamingtons are a delight, and they'd perfectly go with a cup of coffee. And if you like coffee, their coffee cupcake is a must-have. Plus, they have brownies and donuts. 

Ciel is sweetly decked with polaroid pictures, and the fact that it has so many desserts compels you to stand right at the truck and eat them. All the desserts are priced at INR 55 only, and if you're looking for other variants like Banana Bread, cookies, milk chocolate brownies, Udaya has a stall in Hitech City that you can pick from. Or get in touch with her in advance and pick them from the truck itself. Now, to answer whether we're going to run behind this joyous truck like minions, we're saying...we will. Fo sho! 


Ciel takes up party orders and bulk orders (House party coming up?) too, so just get in touch with Udaya in advance. Easy-peasy!


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