Dig Into Pizza Biancas, Crostini & More At This New Cloud Pizzeria In Town

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What Makes It Awesome

When you order in a pizza from Ciro's Pizzeria — joy comes well-packed in red boxes. After globetrotting different countries and even Indian cities, this Italian brand has set its foot in Hyderabad. Phew, finally! Getting an authentic slice of joy is quite easy now. We got ourselves some and we are already planning to turn Ciro's into a weekend ritual. Along with chilled beer. 

Allow us into get into the saucy deets — the pizzeria offers three types of pizzas — Pizza Rossa, Pizza Bianca, and Around The World. Whether you like it Indian, American, or Tropicana (with pineapple on your pizza) — Ciro's got you covered. But of course, we'll start with the Italian, shall we? Vegetarians, dash straight for Fiorentina which comes with button mushroom, spinach, feta cheese, caramelised onions, etc. Take your pick between Romana and Napoletana and devour it as the mozzarella melts in your mouth. Love broccoli on your pizza? Go for Verde as it comes with broccoli, pesto, parmesan, and roasted zucchini. Plus, the mozzarella cheese adds a terrific flavour.

Meat lovers, chow down on Inferno which comes loaded with Italian sausage, bacon, pepperoni — simple, no fuss — it's tomato sauce and mozzarella-based. Next on — go for Nordica, which comes with smoked salmon and capers. Glazed with balsamic oil, this one is subtle but has a fine balance of flavours. 

If you love tossing your own pizza, get under Ciro's Make Your Own Pizza section and pick everything, right from the dough, vegetables, and meat to cheese, sauces, drizzles, etc. Surely, this is an opportunity to take your tastebuds on a ride! We've got a thing for fresh crostini and if you're anything like us, you'd appreciate their Caprese with comes with button mushroom, shiitake, parmesan, and white truffle oil. Loaded, fo sho! Plus, there's lots of garlic bread to dig into. 


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