Clean Your Wardrobes & Donate To The Needy, Check Out Give Or Take!

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Clean and Donate! Here is an answer to do good while cleaning your cupboard of the unwanted items- Give or Take collects your items and donates them to the needy!

While searching for new possibilities to give to the needy, they stumbled upon the fact that day to day a lot of products that are almost in a perfect re-useable state end up being useless for most people. Therefore, they thought of starting an initiative to help people utilize their gently used/unused items in a way that would help others as well as help protect the environment around us. Their idea is not only to re-allocate perfectly usable items but also decrease the burden on our environment by re-utilization.

They aim to bridge the gap between people willing to contribute for the good of others and people who need their help. They want to encourage the idea of giving for the good of others. They wish to spread the idea of giving and taking to encourage everyone from a small child to our youth to our seniors to help make this world a better place for everyone.

They want to encourage both rural and urban people to join hands in fighting issues like poverty, lack of knowledge and the ever-increasing environmental pollution. They also work with different NGO’s, Schools, Colleges, Businesses, Resident associations, Corporates and individual people. They would like to inspire people to give something to the world by lending a helping hand.
Why Contribute to Them?
•They will ensure that the things you are giving will go in the hands of people who need them. To ensure transparency they will keep you updated about their work on social media pages.
•Your contributions will be re-utilized by someone that may really need it.
•Your contributions will help protect the environment as re-utilization would help decrease the waste that goes into landfills every day.
•You can declutter your space and feel secure that the items that you are giving are going into the right hands.
•You can feel the joy of giving when you know that the products that you are giving are used to spread happiness

Call them at 7013436582!.