Flush Those Toxins Away! Here Is A Juice Detox Program That'll Cleanse You

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What Makes It Awesome

Cleanse High is a Hyderabad-based startup that is committed to juice-detox programs. Got a holiday on your hand and want to flush those toxins away? You know where to start. The fact that Cleanse High makes detox sound like fun is what makes it awesome. Because it's not easy to do a detox by ditching all your full meals for 24 hours. Offering three types of detox programs, Cleanse High caters to both beginners and seasoned ones.

If you're planning to try a detox for the first time, go for Seeker — a one-day detox. If you think you can handle more, there's Sage, which is a three-day detox. Prefer long-term commitment? Nirvana — a six-day diet plan is your goto hero. Whatever is your choice, eight bottles of juices are freshly made and delivered at your doorstep, every day. Wondering how these juices are made? Allow us to get into the details. Fresh fruit, organic vegetables, herbs and spices, nuts, exotic teas (exported from Namibia, Chile, and Mexico) are blended well to give us a nutritious diet. And these are delicious too. Right from providing minerals, irons, vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants, these also help you give a glow as well. After all, what you eat is what shows on the outside, right?

The price range begins at INR 1,300 and goes upto INR 6,700 (for the six-day detox).


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