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This Jubilee Hills Co Work Space Comes With Awesome Design, Performance Space & Doggos

Shreya posted on 28 March

Ten-Second Takeaway

Jxtapose is a happening co-working space located on Road No. 32, Jubilee Hills — where creators are well…juxtaposed with other creators and professionals. Here, you can work, network and let your creative juices flow.

Artistic Interiors

A group of friends and graduates from Sri Venkateshwara College Of Architecture — Shruthi Ramesh, Akshay Varma, Sravan Kavalipurapu, Gayathri Kondepudi, Rachana Yerapotina, Prerana Shah and Teja Vanamala {Vellore Institute of Technology}, came together with an idea to create a platform that urges people to collaborate and experiment with art, design and individuality. Designed to inspire with its quirky outlook, this co work space is a cool work address for artists in Hyderabad.

On the inside, the foyer is adorned with art pieces by local artists such as Shivram Sai, a bulletin board updated with current and upcoming events hosted by Jxtapose, and a cushy sofa. There’s a conference room, a working space and an open pantry on the first floor. The aesthetics include exposed brick walls, glass windows, hanging geometric lights and a li’l bit of teal. There is a mini-amphitheatre for screenings and the seating is bespoke with wooden planks on tote crates. Here, seminars and workshops with a smaller audience are also conducted. If not that, you can spot people working on their laptops. The walls of Jxtapose act as a gallery of sorts and showcase works by local artists. The pantry is equipped with essentials such as an oven, a mini fridge, and a dining table to take care of the basics. You can get complimentary beverages too. Yay! {They will also have a cafeteria in two months.}

But the second floor is where most of the action happens. It has the informal meeting table, the open working space and 7 private cabins that you can rent. A fair section {30 per-cent} of this open work-space is dedicated to tech professionals. It has everything from individual desks to round and rectangular tables to accommodate a small group {of upto 6}. For those of you who need a certain peace to get into your creative zone – you can borrow one of their glass cabins to channel your inner mojo like a pro.

They also have high-speed internet, wifi, printer, scanner and a photocopy machine. With an office so charming and a collaborative environment, there’s not a day of work you’d want to miss, and so Jxtapose is open throughout the year {yes, even on national holidays}. Workaholics can cheer!

For the co-working spaces, they have different offers ranging from a virtual office space for INR 800 per month to premium seats for INR 8500 per month. Some of these desks come with a mesh, and some don’t. So, the choice is yours.

Let's Play

Instead of a formal reception set up to inform and welcome newbies, they can tread along a set of coloured lines to navigate their way in this space. The 8,000 square feet area is a humble abode to not just office desks, but also to a studio and retail space. Currently, the retail spaces are taken up by Aha Stuff and Oblum {both amazing local brands for funky stationery, decor products, collectibles, and footwear}. The space has a small pond and a lot of plants in the outdoors, surrounding a stage. This beautiful outdoor space can seat an audience of 100. This is where you can participate in or hold workshops and watch some talented artists perform.

Jxtapose also facilitates you with market access. This is a significant service wherein the in-house crew helps you with the information you might need, or connect you with the right people and create brand awareness. Understanding the value of making the right connections – a request to find you the best supplier of raw materials, or the right person to meet any of your professional needs will be looked into and answered by this awesome team.

So, We're Thinking...

Whether you’re a freelancer starting on your own, a performer seeking a stage, or someone with a passion for innovation — look no more. Just walk into Jxtapose. The two in-house doggos — Pinky and Ginger — are also a big attraction when you want to take 5. At Jxtapose currently, they have 5 puppies which are up for adoption just in case anyone was wondering {This place has also hosted adoption drives in the past}.

Just perfect, isn’t it?

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locationJubilee Hills

587, Road 32, Aditya Enclave, Venkatagiri, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

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locationJubilee Hills