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    This Women-Friendly Travel Startup Is Sorting Everyday Travel Hassles In Hyderabad

    Sunaina posted on 19 March


    Commut is a startup that runs mini-buses connecting major areas in Secunderabad and Hyderabad with Hitech City. With a majority of their users being women.

    Solving Transport Woes

    Millenials are hustlers. But hustling through the erratic traffic and often shelling out all the hard cash on travelling is never fun. Solving these hitches is Commut, which runs nearly 1,500 rides between 7am to 8pm, daily. With more than 60 per cent of the commuters being women, this is apparently Hyderabad’s most preferred mode of transport for working women. For the security of women commuters, this startup has integrated a Hawkeye tool for surveillance and its drivers are thoroughly vetted and trained. Known for celebrating Women’s Day {by distributing potted plants and succulents} with gusto and a dash of sustainability, Commut believes in minimising the carbon footprint. The fact that they can accommodate a number of people in fewer vehicles reduces the count of vehicles on the roads, making it a rational model and a case for sustainability too.

    At the moment, Commut has around 50,000 registered users, but they also receive individual ride requests on an everyday basis. So, what’s the travel deal, you ask? It’s either their monthly pass or on-demand booking {you can book rides during mornings/evenings and if your route falls in theirs, they’re at your rescue}. The goodness of either is that the pricing doesn’t pinch your pocket. Depending on the routes, the monthly pass for AC shuttle is INR 3,000-3,500 and the non-AC one is priced between INR 2,000-2,500.

    Making Commuting So Much Fun

    They say fellow sojourners become thick as thieves quick. And if the journey surpasses nearly 35 kilometers on an average, it’s natural to have cab fams like workfams. What’s exciting about riding in Commut is just this! There are a bunch of micro-communities that are organically created by the commuters itself that meeting likeminded people, discovering new things, and forming friendships is a possibility. That’s not it – we’ve heard that the commuters celebrate events and attend movie screenings, often inviting the drivers for a chatty rendezvous.

    Rumour has it that a couple has met during one of their rides and has recently tied a knot. {Talking about matching, it appears Commuting is better than Tindering in our town.}

    Tell Me More

    The founding team {Prasanth, Hemanth, Charan, Sandeep, Akshay, and Srujai} and the core team is driven by youngsters who want to make a difference. According to them, they are always hands-on whether it’s dealing with the logistics and operations or the technical glitches. On a regular basis, they host an orientation for grooming their driver-partners {regarded so because Commut treats them as mini-entrepreneurs} and teaching them quick workarounds on smartphones, technology, and more.

    So, We're Thinking....

    If you’re a techie suffering from a major cause of surge pricing or interested in riding with a bunch of other techies, book yourself a ride on Commut. Folks, we’ve done the math and we can say that the charges are only one-third of major cab-aggregators’ share price.

    You can book a ride their mobile app.

    Price: INR 100 for 30 km {on-demand}
    2500-3500 {monthly pass}

    Timings: 7 AM to 8 PM

    Check out their website here.

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