Sort All Your Waffle Cravings At This Awesome Outlet!

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In the mood for some waffles and pancakes? Then head on to the Belgian waffle Co. They have a wide range of sweet and savory pancakes and waffles. I was invited here for the food tasting table.
Among the classic waffles the mango white chocolate is a unique combination that amalgamates both sweet and tangy flavors perfectly. The blueberry cream cheese is another classic that is an all time popular waffle. If you’re conscious about your sugar intake then try out the chocolate overload that is available in both milk as well as dark chocolate variant as it is 67% sugar free. Another one that I really like the red velvet original Waffwich. The white chocolate sandwiched between the red velvet waffles is truly heaven.
Among the mini pancakes the Kiki and cream is quite delicious which is nothing but cookies and cream. The dark and white fantasy mini pancakes are also quite delicious as they have a combination of both white as well as dark chocolate.
The waffle cakes are also a must try they are available in both single or double layers as for your preference. I would recommend the death by chocolate if you are a chocolate lover. The Allman butter Praline is also delicious. The waffle scooted with peanut butter and then topped with almonds.

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