It's Always Winter With The Crochet Products From This Hyderabadi Store

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What Makes It Awesome

Got a thing for crochet? Whether it's winter or not, if you like to rock crochet scarves or handbags all around the year, check out Crochet Now — a Hyderabad-based online shopping store, that specialises in crochet. The fact that Crochet Now makes a wide range of products right from bookmarks to halter tops makes it awesome. Run by Himabindu Manchala, this handicrafts startup hosts workshops and trains crochet enthusiasts across Hyderabad.

Want to pick up a skill? Hit up one of the workshops. Drawing inspiration from intricate artisan work of yesteryears, Himabindu blends modern trends with traditional patterns and weaves that we think are simple, timeless, and snug. Heading to the hills? Pick warm lovelies like beanies, sweaters, cardigans. Plus, there are baby booties and a whole range of pretty stuff for babies and kids that your kiddie wouldn't want to remove.

Need more reasons to shop? Do check out those quirky bookmarks, throw blankets, hairbands. The prices range from INR 200 to INR 3,000. In the near future, the store intends to stock up on ponchos, summer tops, anklets, crop tops, complete baby kits, poufs, and more blankets. Now isn't that a fetch?


Since Crochet Now takes custom orders, all products, based on the patterns, yarn or stitches, consume 2-10 days of time. The products are then shipped out. 


Former Editor, LBB, Hyderabad.