This Budget Gym In Madhapur Offers Group Workouts & Interesting Routines

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What Makes It Awesome

Looking for a budget gym that offers good equipment and great routines? Cross15 Gym in Madhapur is worth giving a shot. A fitness studio that’s designed to appeal to both beginners and seasoned individuals, this is for the ones who are keen on setting fitness goals and measuring their progress consistently.

Cross15’s training includes Kettle Ball, Gravity Trainer (a group-fitness programme), powerlifting along with dedication training tracks for women and strength and conditioning. While their membership for the first month is priced at INR 1,800, it’s INR 1,500 from the second month. If you’re opting for a personal trainer as well, the monthly membership is around INR 5,000. They also have a pay-per workout session that sets you back at INR 99.


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