Bobbleheads, Flower Pots, Glassware: It's Crystal Clear That This Store Is Giving Us Decor Goals

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What Makes It Awesome

Just moved to a new home, and thinking of ways to quirk it up? Crystal Fantasy is a 50-year-old wholesale store that deserves a visit. It looks pretty basic from the outside, but walking in you will be overwhelmed by a variety of products from glassware to massive sculptures and dancing figurines. We found crystal and wood bobbleheads, and figurines of Chinese dolls, Rajasthani folk musicians, rural women sharing space with Snow-White's dwarfs. We could totally picture them making our showcases and corner tables lit! Think swans, pelicans, parrots, peacocks that you can gift your bird watching enthusiast of a friend or handmade wooden trays with abstract designs to serve tea in.

There are flower pots with intricate designs, outdoor furniture for your porch, candle holders, bottle holders, and elegant polyresin statues (of mermaids, Hindu gods, and laughing Buddha among others). Although most of these are sourced from Aligarh, Kolhapur, Chattisgarh, Saharanpur, and Jaipur, there are some that are imported from Thailand, China and Korea too. Apart from crystal decor, you will find many metallic and ceramic pieces of sculpture, and wall clocks too. New stock comes in every day and they also take custom orders for the wooden trays that they manufacture themselves.


Shreya is a 23 year old writer, photographer, and film-maker with a serious case of Zayn Malik obsession. She is also the Associate - Content, Features for LBB Hyderabad.